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Bounce by Dianna Rojas

Bounce by Dianna Rojas – do pheromones work?

Bounce by Dianna Rojas – do pheromones work?

Bounce by Dianna Rojas - do pheromones work?Have you heard of Bounce by Dianna Rojas – do pheromones work? Bounce by Dianna Rojas contains a blend of androsterone, androstadienone (a metabolite of testosterone), androstenol (a sex pheromone found in pigs, as well as humans in small quantities), estratetraenol (a chemical compound produced by women), and copulins.

So what are pheromones? A pheromone, by definition, is an ectohormone chemical; meaning it acts outside of the animal or insect secreting it to impact the behavior of another beast or bug of the same species. This is different from, say, a hormone, which acts inside of the body to change its host’s behavioral or physiological responses.

So when you spray pheromones all over yourself, members of the opposite sex will all jump on you, horny as goats, right? Not quite. Humans react to pheromones in different ways. In the animal kingdom pheromones don’t discriminate between individuals, but humans are somewhat more complex.  And as the pheromone compounds in perfumes are usually extracted from pigs, you have a bigger chance of attracting pigs than humans.

But don’t take our word for it – try it, by all means 🙂

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